Jaguar XJ8 saloon '98-'02 on Milan alloys

Jaguar XJ8 saloon  '98-'02 on Milan alloys

Specially hand coloured prints are available for £20 extra.

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Manufacturer: Jaguar
Model: XJ8 98 + Milans

X308 XJ8 on Milan alloys (dark shading) '98-'02

All standard Jaguar alloys available.

New for '98, the X308 looked almost identical to the X300, but under the skin there were huge changes. Gone was the old straight six - to be replaced by an all new V8 built in Wales. There was a 3.2 litre with 240bhp, a 4.0 litre with 290bhp and a supercharged 4.0 litre knocking out 370bhp. Whilst the engines were all new, the basic design of the XJ8 was 12 years old and beginning to show its age. Room in the back was at a premium and the dynamics of the car now left it outclassed by some of its European rivals. It was still however a real Jaguar at heart and had a sense of 'Britishness' about it that despite all its shortcomings still made it the best selling luxury saloon in the UK during its lifetime.

Each unique Black & White laser print is taken from the original pencil illustration and comes set in a black A4 presentation mount.

All prints:

  • All prints come complete with your own PERSONALISED REGISTRATION number on the plate.
  • All prints are available in a light, medium or dark shading, so please specify your preference.

Specially hand coloured prints are available for £20 extra.

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