Austin A90 Atlantic Conv '49-'52

Austin A90 Atlantic Conv '49-'52

Coloured prints are available for £20 extra.

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Manufacturer: Austin
Model: Austin A90 Atlantic Conv '49-'52

Austin A90 Atlantic Conv '49-'52

The A90 was a product of the then British governments edict to 'Export or Die', as steel was only alloted to companies who chased the much needed dollar revenue that only the US could generate in those austerity post war times in Britain. The car was a British take on what Leonard Lord, then Chairman of Austin, thought the American car market required. A lot of bad press has been written about the 'Atlantic' so let's just say; it wasn't what the US wanted... but it was an exceedingly brave effort to produce such a highly futuristic car for an ultra conservative mainstream maufacturer such as Austin! However, what the US did want, was the Jaguar XK120 that came out at exactly the same time!

Please note this Austin A90 car print is a heavily reworked digitally produced illustration for a customer that was put through a special drawing programme before being placed onto one of my hand drawn background and is therefore NOT a fully hand drawn illustration.


Each unique Black & White laser print is taken from the original pencil illustration and comes set in a black A4 presentation mount.

All prints:

  • All prints come complete with your own PERSONALISED REGISTRATION number on the plate.
  • All prints are available in a light, medium or dark shading, so please specify your preference.

Coloured prints are available for £20 extra.

Price: £25.00

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