Bespoke prints

I haven't drawn your car?

....have your own special digital illustration produced!

It may well be that I haven't produced a drawing of your make or model for my portfolio of automobile illustrations!

If this is the case I can offer you the chance for a specially bespoke digitalised illustration of your car.

If you let me know the exact model of car you require I can by using a special digital drawing programme turn any photograph into an illustration. I will then cut and paste your car onto one of my hand drawn backgrounds before working on it further to look exactly like one of my own hand drawn pictures.

Please note though that it will NOT be a fully hand drawn illustration!

These can be in left in a black and white form or have colour added.

As these are specially requested and require a few hours work there is an extra charge of £20 over and above my normal prices.






Own an original

If you wish to go one step further and commission an original hand drawn coloured illustration of your car  then please contact me.

These are hand drawn in great detail and at a much larger size than the prints....  20"x16". Prices for an original Paul Bennett GMA illustration start at £600.

Or visit the Picture Gallery for fine art pictures!


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