Bentley Flying Spur Speed '11 in London setting

Bentley Flying Spur Speed '11 in London setting

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Manufacturer: Bentley
Model: Bentley Flying Spur Speed '11 London

 Flying Spur Speed saloon '11 in London setting 

Unlike a conventional 12 cylinder engine with two banks of 6, the Continental’s 6-litre engine is configured in four banks of 3 cylinders in a 'W' formation making for a very compact power plant. This 4 door saloon must be one of the swiftest limos on the planet. Don't tell anyone... but that beautiful chromed mesh grille is actually metal coated plastic... it's a safety feature.... honest!



Each unique Black & White laser print is taken from the original pencil illustration and comes set in a black A4 presentation mount.

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Coloured prints are available for £20 extra.

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