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This is the collection of Fine Art A4 mounted prints by the artist Paul F Bennett GMA available for £25.00


Studied Art & Design at Salford Art College where I happened to meet a certain L. S. Lowry and got his autograph.

After leaving college I took up a position in a Manchester advertising agency making the tea,

working my way up to being a studio manager before going out on my own as a freelance illustrator/designer in the city.

Also became involved in designing children board games and was lucky enough to have 12 published over the years.


In 1996 started drawing automobiles just for fun as I’m a petrolhead and became a member of the Guild of Motoring Artists;

this eventually led to forming Classic Memories selling personalised car prints to customers and dealerships around the world.


In 2015 I saw the Cunard Queens sail up the Mersey which inspired me enough to start drawing for fun all over again.

This started me on a journey that has ended up with me becoming what I consider to be an artist of the ’Northern School.’

Perhaps it was meeting old Mr. Lowry all those years back that has guided me to where I am today!



Many of the full sized paintings are still available for sale, POA.


Vulcan fly-past

Stood in the fields near the Lymm Golf Club I along with others witnessed that final journey of the last flying Avro Vulcan bomber… who could forget that sound.

I had to capture that moment as it wheeled slowly away over the Cheshire countryside, never to be seen or heard again in our skies…

a truly sad day!



Sleeping Lancasters

in watercolour and crayon


Long Drag to Ribblehead

in watercolour and crayon

Scot in the snow

in watercolour and crayon


in watercolour and crayon

Homeward bound (Simon & Garfunkel - March '66)


Simon and Garfunkel’s first UK single reaches number 9 in the March of ‘66, 

A poignant number penned on the platform of Runcorn railway station whilst waiting for their train.


“I wish I was homeward bound, Home where my thoughts escaping,

Home where my music’s playing, Home where my love lies waiting silently for me.”


Latchford Railway Viaduct

in watercolour and crayon


The Bluebird Collection

Sir Malcolm Campbell and Bluebird on Pendine Sands, S Wales

in watercolour and crayon

Donald Campbell and the Bluebird-Proteus cn7 at Lake Eyre, W. Australia

in watercolour and crayon

Donald Campbell's Bluebird K7 on Lake Coniston in the Winter of 1966

This is the K7 speedboat in which Donald Campbell tragically died on 4th January 1967.

 He was at Coniston trying for the world water speed record of over 300mph. 

K7 was travelling at an amazing 328mph when it lost stability.  A brave, brave man!!

This was the day before on one of his high speed test runs.


'The Three Queens' at Cunard's 175 Celebrations - Liverpool 2015

Stood on the banks of the Mersey and watching the Three Cunard Queens sail majestically up to Liverpool

gave me the inspiration to start painting again just for the love of it 

after spending a lifetime illustrating for others… thank you Cunard for arranging it!



'HMS Victory' leaving port at sunset.

in watercolour and crayon

The times they are a-changin (Bob Dylan - March '65)

in Watercolour and Crayon

My Heart will go on (Celine Dion - March '98)

There was a time back in 1958 when the only ‘Titanic’ film was ‘A Night to Remember’ starring Kenneth Moore. 

Fast forward to 1997 and ‘Titanic’ became the box office hit of the year where all loving couples copied that famous Titanic pose …

but back in 1958 it was rare, especially on a canal.


Those were the days  (Mary Hopkin - September '68)


The Reds start out on a fresh seasons campaign as the new Champions of Europe.
It was still the days of Charlton, Law and Best, 
but the glory days of Sir Matt were about to fade.
And what was No. 1 for six weeks as the expectant fans streamed to Old Trafford….
'Those were the days my friend…. we thought they’d never end, we'd sing and dance for ever and a day.'


The boat that I row  (Lulu - April '67)

Lulu’s third top ten hit reaching number 6 in the April of ’67.

It was also a time of great change for much of the industrial North as the old 

industries died away leaving dereliction and much poverty.

The old tin bath made for a great boat; saw one go down with all hands on the Bridgewater Canal,

all were saved! 




 HMS Glorious  'Glorious at sunset'

in gouache



 HMS Hampshire  'Final journey'  

in gouache



 HMS Tiger  'North Sea sweep'

in gouache



 HMS Warspite  'Last battle fought'  

in gouache


Latchford Locks

There is only a very short window of time in each year 

when the sun sets over the Manchester Ship Canal under 

the Latchford and Warrington bridges; and it’s a spectacular view!


Stairway to heaven (Led Zeppelin - 1971)

in watercolour and crayon

Bus Stop (The Hollies - June '66)

in watercolour and crayon

Only a Northern song (The Beatles - '69)

in watercolour and crayon

The long and winding road (The Beatles - '70)

in watercolour and crayon.

Save the last dance for me  (The Drifters - Nov '60)

With the iconic Dansette transistor radio tuned to the Light programme, The Drifters 

number 2 hit slowly drifts away on the breeze through the dereliction and washing lines.



I only have eyes for you (Art Garfunkel - Sept 1975)

Number 1 in the September of 1975.



 Memories are made of this (Dean Martin - February 1956)

Blackpool was the destination every year for our Summer holiday. 

Same week, same boarding house, same people!

The X60 transported us from Mosley St. Bus Station in Manchester to this paradise

on earth in around three and a half hours.

Memories are indeed made of this! 



We've gotta get out of this place  (The Animals - July '65)

in watercolour and crayon

I want to hold your hand (The Beatles - Dec '63)

While The Beatles top the charts for the 3rd time, 

Max and Lilly walk down the alley from school and are about to disappear 

into their backyard and home for a cup of hot Bovril.  




Because they're young (Duane Eddy - July '60)

The Lancashire moors are rugged beautiful places that in the twentieth century were studded with many old mill towns

sending out their trailing plumes of smoke six days a week only to be swept away on the prevailing winds. 

Summers were short, but it was pure joy to climb above the grime with the one you loved on a sun dappled day

to look down onto the warren of cobbled streets laid out below you.



The kids are alright! (The Who - Sept '66)

in watercolour and crayon

I love Jennifer Eccles (The Hollies - March '68)

in watercolour and crayon

Years may come, Years may go (Herman's Hermits - Feb '70)

Peter Noone reached number 7 with this nostalgic little tune, and it did seem by the early 70’s

that the old grime covered towns were being swept away for a vibrant and exciting new future.

Time to just stand and ponder the fast disappearing days of old.




Sailing (Rod Stewart - Aug '75)

The old canal basin is nostalgically turned back into a busy quayside scene for a

‘round the world yacht’ launch… 

despite the string being attached to bring it back from any far flung locations.



‘In the middle of nowhere’ (Dusty Springfield - July '65)


Dusty’s 4th top 10 hit reached number 8 in the July

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